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To change the content distribution and monetization landscape to level the playing field and empower the content owner, rights holder, and creatives! With a complete, self-managed streaming ecosystem, where content owners get the lion’s share of the profits, we’ll put full ownership and control back into your hands.

StreaMe is the first complete, self-managed streaming content ecosystem. We provide studios, broadcast networks, independent publishers, and celebrities the tools to power their business in order to retain full ownership and control of their content and maximize profits. By combining streaming capabilities, social media interaction, marketing customization, flexible monetization options and the power of the Blockchain all on one platform, StreaMe is the only comprehensive solution that gives the power back to the creatives.

Content creators and publishers who unleash the full potential of the StreaMe ecosystem spend less time worrying about how to build, market, and monetize, because we’ve taken the guesswork out of it. We’ve partnered with Hollywood filmmakers and other high-level industry executives to develop a vibrant digital ecosystem where everyone wins!
"I have known and been privy to the vision behind StreaMe from the talented and experienced team behind it, and see the need for such a platform to exist that finally enables the creators to take full control of their distribution and monetization digitally."
-Jim Kehoe, writer, producer and director


Manage the entire life cycle of your content
With the StreaMe platform, publishing is the first step in a process that enables users to package, distribute, promote and, ultimately, monetize their creative work.

Packaging and Publishing

Existing content publishing platforms offer little control over how the content is presented. In addition, they provide no opportunity to bundle the primary content with ancillary content that may be of interest to consumers and that can provide additional sources of monetization for the owner. StreaMe has a sophisticated drag and drop interface that allows users to both control the layout of their content pages as well as bundle ancillary content of any format into self-contain presentation packages. This offers consumers a much richer experience and allows the content owner to retain control over how their content is presented.


Publish directly to the StreaMe platform and StreaMe will make that content available over many distribution channels. StreaMe creates branded channels and networks for celebrities, brands, influencers, studios, genres, fandoms, writers, artists, etc. StreaMe will aggregate all channels and networks into one ecosystem and cross-collateralize their audiences. All kinds of niche content can find a home on StreaMe.

Marketing and Socialization

StreaMe publishers have access to powerful promotional and audience-building tools, allowing content creators to actively engage in the process of interacting with their consumers. Instead of posting content on one platform, and then working to build audiences across the web on multiple platforms, StreaMe centralizes promotional efforts under one roof.


Publishers are provided with a range of opportunities to monetize their content, with the ability to customize each option to optimize earning potential. Shared revenue for participants on StreaMe can reach payouts of up to 80% in favor of the content owner. That’s five times the average payout of other platforms. Publishers choose the monetization option they prefer for each individual content piece. Royalty distributions are transparent and immediate leveraging our Blockchain based transactional engine.

Manage an on-platform network of connections for collaboration and business growth
Sophisticated tools that standardize the process of pitching content for funding, licensing and brand involvement
Opportunities to syndicate content up to larger reach publishers with all revenue splits calculated and distributed automatically
  • Blockchain
    Transparent, efficient transactional engine and DRM protection
  • Brands
    Access to branded entertainment and product placement opportunities
  • Reach
    Pro-active audience engagement through targeted tools
  • Analytics
    Grow fanbase and refine content through access to Analytics and Big Data

StreaMe Studios

StreaMe Studios will invest in content partners that either have existing productions that can be acquired or are looking to create new content and develop it. StreaMe Studios will tap into a community of viewers to proactively pitch ideas and engage them to determine which content will be best suited for investment. In addition, the Studio can also develop ancillary content and monetize it utilizing the platform’s packaging capabilities. The Studio is run by top Hollywood executives.


Do it all on One Platform

  • Discover
    Through the use of a powerful AI-driven suggestion engine, curated category sections, powerful search, and community tools, users will be able to discover exciting content to suit their taste
  • Social Media
    The StreaMe experience is a trully interactive one where the consumption of the content can happen at the same time as users engage in social media actions, without having to leave the platform. Networking, following, commenting, rating, newsfeeds, messaging and more are all possible here
  • Interactivity
    The core of the interactive user experience happens in the dual screen interface, which allows for content to continue playing as the secondary screen displays ancillary content, brand information, social tools and other part of the platform
  • Curate Content
    Viewers are not limited to a passive creative role. Through our powerful collections feature, they can curate content into bundles that can be shared and socialized to their on and off-platform networks


An ecosystem for publishers of all kinds

There is a need for a turn-key solution enabling publishers to retain:

  • OWNERSHIP: There is a huge untapped market of global self-publishers looking to retain ownership of their content. They are tired of putting their content into the hands of self-serving platforms.
  • CONTROL: Publishers should be able to retain control of their content. Current platforms, outside of StreaMe, require publishers to turn over control of their content to the platform, which leaves their vision in the hands of others. Publishers have little to no say as to how their content is published, distributed or monetized.
  • MONETIZATION: Other distribution options for publishers offer little to no monetization options, leaving them making pennies on the dollar. We know publishers want a platform that offers them control of their monetization and fair payouts.

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Images
  • Writing

The current digital landscape is severly fragmented for both publishers and audiences

  • PUBLISHERS: Different content formats exist in different established platforms. For example video and audio might be on different UGC platforms making it cumbersome for multimedia publishers to manage audience reach campaigns because every platform has their own tools and idiosyncrasies. Furthermore, the audiences are siloed into format or industry verticals, making it difficult to cross-market. StreaMe is format-agnostic, allowing pubslishers to combine any number of content formats into uniform bundles that can be distributed, promoted and monetized.
  • AUDIENCES: For the same reasons stated above, viewers also experience fragmentation as they need to engage with multiple platforms in order to consume different types of content from their favorite publishers. In order to remain engaged with the publishers they follow, they need to maintain multiple online profiles and be part of many communities. StreaMe provides a uniform ecosystem for all these activites

For Mid-Market Creators

Mid-Market Publishers are underserved. The current digital landscape does not offer all inclusive options for them to develop their online presence. UGC platforms are cluttered with amateur content, provide limited monetization and hardly any customization options. On the other end of the spectrum, the large digital studios are usually out of reach for this market segment. The StreaMe platform, through its invitation-only approach is aimed at providing a powerful solution for mid-market publishers to grow a thriving digital business. In addition, the StreaMe ecosystem allows for syndication opportunities that expose content to larger audiences.

For Studios and Networks

In the offline world of broadcast, there is a hierarchy in place to manage how content is licensed or syndicated up and down from the Network level to affiliates or other licensees and back. Ad revenue is also shared depending on whether it is national or local. In the digital world there is no equivalent. StreaMe is the first platform to offer this structure to large, established studios and networks in order to streamline the licensing of content and the revenue splits derived from it's monetization.

For Celebrities and Influencers

Celebrities and influencers want to create content and are faced with similar issues mid-market creators have to deal with: limited tools and difficulty in monetization. In some cases they have chosen to build their own platforms at high cost and low audience awareness. In others they remain beholden to big networks and digital studios in order to publish and monetize their content. StreaMe levels the playing field, giving them the technology to build their own networks within a vibrant ecosytem.

For General Industry

Independent creators who don’t have brand recognition or leverage through relationships in the industry are unable to get into the top studios, networks or digital networks even though, in many cases, have a amassed a significant following. Those who qualify and are invited into the StreaMe platform will have all the tools necessary to fully capitalize on their content. The StreaMe ecosystem is full of opportunities to increase audience reach, collaborate, and generally elevate high quality content for publishers.



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Publishers looking for a better home
"StreaMe is going to give revenue directly to the creators in a transparent format. This is an amazing opportunity for filmmakers of all kinds. Users will also have the ability to share and support each other’s content in a brand-new way. Everyone wins, creators and viewers."
-Thomas Ian Nicholas, actor and director



StreaMe is an invite-only platform, so let us know if you’d like us to consider you for an invite. Be among the first 300+ to publish content to the StreaMe platform for our big Fall 2018 reveal. If you are a studio, broadcast network, publisher, aggregator, content owner, rights holder, creative, celebrity or online influencer, we want to hear from you.

We’re Looking for great content! Do you have a show or movie idea? Our plan is to acquire and develop content in conjunction with our publishing partners. Tell us about your project.

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